Our Services

N-Spire Management Services are catered to owners and operators alike. We want to provide the management needed in order to create a close bond between management, employees, and guests. N-Spire management thrives on creating a personal relationship between owners and guests.
Sales & Marketing
The N-Spire Sales and Marketing Staff have been trained to the highest degree. All guests and clients whether they are corporations or wedding groups are known on a first name basis. We want our clients feeling like they are apart of the N-Spire Family as we go above and beyond just hotel rooms and reservations.
Real Estate, along with Hotel Development, have always been involved in economic cycles. We at N-Spire want to ensure that all equity investments will deliver the best return with the economy in mind. Our goal is to have our investments move with the market, giving the most optimal return and with our strong affiliates with franchises we will continue to do so.
The N-Spire Development Team consists of sharp, project-aggressive, and knowledgeable members who work closely with architects, city heads, contractors, and even development representatives for franchises. Our goal with development is to assure proper communications with the team in order to sufficiently build our projects in timely manner. The N-Spire Development Team believes in building projects to the highest capacity with premium quality in mind.
Human Resources
At N-Spire, we believe in maintaining an open door policy with our employees. We believe that not only in aiding with work issues, but with personal issues as well. The N-Spire Human Resources Group’s main goal is to provide the utmost confidence while screening and selecting the right people for the team.